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Au Contraire
Au Contraire
Mixed Media on Canvas
24" X 18"

Dada art: "Upending bourgeois sensibilities vs. aesthetically pleasing, relying on chance, negative yet playful."

Au Contraire (written on the canvas and also in the collaged newspaper clipping on the right):

I used to fancy
the tabloids
when they featured
two-headed babies,
often sired by an alien;
or spontaneous human
combustion: a small room,
a man turned to flame
while lighting a butt;
a woman walking on the beach,
suddenly reduced to ashes,
having broken no apparent rules
of good form or taste.
Over time the stories
changed to peccadilloes:
a woman of good form
but questionable taste
shot with a well-known preacher;
a politician, presidential
prospects trashed.
It was a joke among my friends
that I could never run for President . . . (more here)