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Deep Secrets
Deep Secrets
Mixed Media, Framed
12" x 9"

You might call these critter collages an obsession. This one, mostly fishes, one or two seahorses and some unidentified swimming creatures, came into being late one Friday night.

Someone asked about my process, so here goes:
I use various sources, some from Jane Davies' collage papers, some from artwork/colors/designs I admire online and then cut in shapes that are different from the original. When I have a pile of shapes, I put on disposable gloves and get down on the floor with a canvas, a big jug of M. Graham Gloss Acrylic & Medium, a brush, and just let things happen. When the canvas is covered and I like the placement of colors/shapes, I let it dry, then draw lines, circles, outlines with a fine point Sharpie (usually black). Sometimes accompanied by a vodka martini.