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Inspired by the works of Ruth Armer and Buffy Johnson.

Mixed Media, Framed
9" x 12"

Ruth Armer (1896-1977), landscape/portrait artist, lithographer, commercial illustrator, teacher.

Buffie Johnson (1912-2006) began showing her paintings in the thirties and continued to exhibit until the end of her life.

Ruth Armer began experimenting with abstraction in the thirties, and became involved in the Abstract Expressionist movement in the late forties. She taught for years in the Bay area and was an active exhibiting artist until her death. Many of her works feature desert scenes, giant sequoias, and her beloved city of San Francisco.

Deeply influenced by the psychologist Carl Jung, Buffie Johnson was concerned with the intersection of spiritualism, myth and symbol, and her work moved from Surrealism to abstract canvases of intense color and pure form. In later years, she turned to huge realistic paintings of flowers and other plants imbued with texture.