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Ekphrasia: A combination of fantasia (unusual or exotic) and ekphrasis (one form of art inspired by another). Available at GFAA Gallery, Winter Showcase (Nov. 20, 2018 - Jan. 19, 2019).

Oh La La
Oh La La
Mixed Media, Framed
8" x 10"

The paintings of Janice Biala (1903-2000) -- intimate interiors, still lives, portraits, and cityscapes lying between figuration and abstraction -- spanned seven decades.

Biala once explained, “Just as in writing a novel—no word or phrase must be there just because you happen to like it, so each spot of paint in your picture must lead up to some definite movement and must connect with every other spot of paint in the picture. Because red is not red itself, its full quality of redness only becomes apparent when it has green beside it or the full quality of green is brought out only when it has purple beside it and so forth.”