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Red in the Hood
Red in the Hood
Mixed Media, Framed
8" x 8"

I was taught girls are beauties,
boys are beasts and
better accept whatever
bewitched spell will
trance you into helping
the poor fur-butts
feel strong. Lie purring
at their feet, show a soft
belly, allow them first
at the trough. Word.

In Red’s crib I was all in white,
a FOX he said, cloaked
in the smoky haze of MJ.
I said My what a big TAIL
you have. Oh, you’re BAD
he said. Let’s boogie down.
So his den was smoldering
with several fires. When I
warmed myself at only one
he called me a wolfist.
You playin’ me, girl?
You are ASSED out!

NOT wolfism I cried.
I find no MAGIC in your wand.

Mary Bast, Eeek Love