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"Down Into the Darkness"
"Down Into the Darkness"
Mixed Media, Framed
10" x 8"

My response to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to a Supreme Court I fear is no longer the protector of key constitutional rights.

The title is from a line in Edna St. Vincent Millary's poem, "DIrge Without Music."

Click here for my personal response to Christine Blasey Ford's testimony, Connie Chung's memory of abuse, and my own, which ends, "Now I must allow the anger to move through me again, aroused by Brett Kavanaugh's appointment in spite of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony and his obvious lack of integrity, and beyond these specific events to the larger world we live in, characterized by the ascent of greed and dominance of wealthy white males, to the exclusion and--often--terror of anyone not part of that club."